Jan. 21st, 2010

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Up at Fantasy Magazine, I talk about the implications of Avatar winning the Golden Globe. (Spoiler alert: the people who vote for these awards seem really susceptible to marketing.)

However, for purposes of the article, I operated under the assumption that these special effects will change the game in the way Cameron bragged they would, and thus might be employed to better effect in stories that don't totally blow, and suggested two. One of them is a remake request that will come as no surprise to anyone who reads Questionable Taste Theatre, but I'm dead serious when I say: SOMEONE WHO IS NOT JAMES CAMERON IS WELCOME TO MAKE THAT. (That someone also should not be Michael Bay. Or M. Night. Or most people. Ugh, just give it to Peter Jackson.)

Anecdote! Cameron kept inviting other important directors to play with the equipment (hey-oooo) while he was in pre-production, ostensibly to share this important information but clearly to brag about how awesome he was and try to distract people from his screenplay. Those invited included Peter Jackson, which has to take some balls, considering that out of all the criticism of the Lord of the Rings movies, "shitty special effects" was really not one. Plus, Jackson knows how to do a subtle effect well, JAMES. (Bilbo lunging for the ring in Rivendell: never not creepy.)


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