Jan. 25th, 2010

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So, I wrote up Legion for Fantasy Magazine.

You guys, this movie was dismal. It had everything it needed to be ridiculous, but took itself so seriously and was so free of anything over-the-top enough to be amusing that the people in my theatre, who started out talking back to the movie at full volume, were checking emails and talking to each other by the 45-minute mark. THEY IGNORED THEIR ELEVEN-DOLLAR MOVIE, THAT IS HOW BAD IT IS.

Also, I mention that I hope Paul Bettany was in this because he lost a bet. This is NO JOKE. I was MORTIFIED for him. And then I came home and figured out that he's going to be in Priest later this year, directed by THE SAME GUY. HE LOST A TWO-MOVIE BET. (I refuse to let myself think otherwise, because if I imagined he read this script and said, "Man, I am so with you on this! Sign me up for this one, and another one that sounds remarkable similar!" I will have to send him a sharply-worded letter.)

Anyway, check out the whole thing and then rest easy knowing you are eleven dollars richer and considerably more sanguine for not having seen this movie.


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