Jan. 27th, 2010

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Today at Tor.com I talk about some awfulsome Christian horror movies.

Two things about this article:

1) I am not joking about The Prophecy. Simon is a wounded angel hiding in the abandoned wing of a school, and when he realizes Gabriel is coming for him, he coaxes little Mary close enough that he can spit the soul he's carrying into her body so Gabriel doesn't find it.

This is not weird in terms of heavenly amorality, ends justifying the means, etc. It's unsettling, but the whole idea is that the heavenly agenda can't be understood by mortal men, so that's all fine. But what this means in real life is that Eric Stoltz looked at the script and went, "Okay, I fight an angel, sure, I talk to the agnostic, okay, I make out with a twelve-year-old, sure, and then Gabriel kills me. I don't see any problems here! Sign me up!"

And seriously, Eric Stoltz is creepy enough without watching him French kiss a child, okay? You can't un-ring that bell.

2) I kid about Stigmata, but no joke, I think that movie is awesome, and here's why.

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