Feb. 17th, 2010

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The movie-savvy have 21 seconds to understand why this movie makes me so sad. The casual movie- watcher will probably figure it out around 1:02.


You were in Fish Tank, then you were in Hunger, and then someone said, "Have you seen that guy who made Doomsday is making a movie where those poor, put-upon Romans are violently attacked by those nasty, ungrateful Picts whose land they're invading?"

And Michael Fassbender said, "I didn't! Pass me the script!"

Dear Michael: I'm not mad, just disappointed. It has nothing to do with my expectations; you should expect more from yourself. And you should breath five times into someone's airway if they're unconscious before you start compressions. (I dunno, I sort of run out of motherly advice in a hurry.)
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So, this Olympics I've fallen hard for the ice skating. Don't worry, it'll be over in a week and change, and then we'll be back to pictures of horrific advertising as per usual.

The men's short program was last night, and I have a couple of comments, mostly regarding the commentators and editorializing.

They go here, for page-scrolling brevity. )

For anyone who doesn't want to sit through all the awful, endless footage of dudes falling down last night, my three personal-favorite routines, in skate order:

1. Florent Amodio. (If this kid doesn't have a medal eight years from now, I'd like to know why.)

2. Daisuke Takahashi. (If he doesn't have a medal 24 hours from now, I'd like to know why.)

3. Johnny Weir. (Caution: showman at work.)


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