Feb. 22nd, 2010

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This entry will be all over the place, just because my writing brain is otherwise engaged, and also I'm waiting on DVDs. We'll get to this in a moment.

Apparently, this year I'm watching the Olympics? I will alert the me from two weeks ago who had to be told they are on NBC. As usual, I gravitate to the most costume-heavy and subjectively-judged events, to make myself the most unhappy. Why can't I just like speed skating like a normal person? (Answer: they have sharp blades and go really fast and SOMEONE COULD LOSE A FINGER. I am not watching that.)

I was going to have an essay about ice dancing here, but seriously, I don't even have the words for ice dancing. It's so utterly shameless I don't think there's much to say. And it's not the lack of throws or anything - I am one of those people who believes ballroom dance* should be an Olympic sport, so good technique and some musicality is basically all I require, I guess. But man, those ice dancers do not believe in toning it down in the face, ever.

In unrelated news, I wanted to be fair about something (for once - zing!), so before I passed judgment on the show, I rented the DVDs from Netflix instead of relying on memories from my childhood. I'm waiting on the last discs of the third season, but then I will be talking about Beauty and the Beast. Because We Need to Talk.

* You cannot even tell me ballroom dancers are not Olympic-caliber athletes. I have seen them. They train like MACHINES. Why shouldn't they get the chance to be unfairly judged and embroiled in international sports politics like everyone else?


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