Feb. 25th, 2010

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They're accepting your application, mostly because the estimated life span for a sidekick in a fantasy movie is about 65 minutes, unless you crack wise, in which case you might outlive your boss, which is nice for you, but looks pretty bad on a resume once you have more than one. You let one hero die, it's an accident. More than that and you start to look like you lack some skills.

At Fantasy Magazine this week, I take on the career cases of Ten Sidekicks Who Could Do Better.

There are a lot of short-shrifted sidekicks on this list, all of whom could do better, except for the one sidekick I absolutely cannot stand - "The Mouse" Gaston from Ladyhawke. I will never warm up to him, ever, and though Sidekick Union bylaws give him a loophole for sympathy, his character annoys me so much that there is no way I can ever sit through that whole movie again. (Unless you pay money to make me in [livejournal.com profile] con_or_bust, but I'm pretty sure no one would waste a chance like that on a movie like Ladyhawke.)

I don't even hate the movie, necessarily; I appreciate the relatively spare take on what could have been a total disaster. But oh man, that was the movie that ruined Matthew Broderick for me forever. The Dangers of MisCasting: It Can Happen to You!


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