Mar. 5th, 2010

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Beware: Fassbender Syndrome below.

So, a few people have asked if I'll be covering the red carpet for this year's Oscars. Answer: As long as people are looking good and/or sartorially embarrassing themselves, I will be there. However, I'm probably not going to watch the telecast. Partly, this is because the Oscars are boring. But mostly this is because the Oscars are so out of control that watching the show is just painful.

Frankly, the Oscars lost me the year Cate Blanchett lost the Leading Actress Oscar to Gwyneth Paltrow. (Just look at that sentence! Say it out loud! Then realize WHAT ARE YOU EVEN SAYING RIGHT NOW.) Obviously the Oscars are overtly political, but I hadn't realized that anyone in the Academy was actually willing to give Gwyneth Paltow an acting award under any circumstances, much less choose her on purpose while Cate Blanchett was in the same category. That's just embarrassing.

This year, I've been spared the pain of watching the most deserving person lose an Oscar, because the most deserving person didn't even get nominated. (New and different, at least!)

Sorry, Sam Rockwell.

When Moon came out, I loved it. I reviewed the movie positively, but there's a reason I tagged it "Sam Rockwell Needs an Oscar." He delivered the best acting of the year, and it's a shame to see that he fell victim to the "only one newcomer every year in Best Leading" rule. They broke it for Best Actress, but apparently weren't willing to do for Best Actor, too. I mean, I saw Up in the Air, and I think that George Clooney, as usual, delivered a great performance...that does not deserve an Oscar this year. Plus, George Clooney will get another shot at it (probably next year!); Sam Rockwell is generally a character actor, and might never again have a leading role this visible.

I've loved Sam Rockwell since he was in Lawn Dogs. I've only grown to love him more since then: In 1999 alone, he was in Midsummer Night's Dream as a mechanical, The Green Mile as the worst person on the planet, and Galaxy Quest as Guy Fleegman. Anyone who aces all three of those knows what he's doing, you know?

Obviously, people are ignored for exceptional work on a regular basis; that makes the world go 'round! But I was so thrilled after I saw Moon, because it was the kind of performance that wins Oscars, delivered so beautifully that it never occurred to me that he wouldn't be on the ballot. Oh, well. Rockwell, you're on the ballot of my heart.

ETA: From the "Not a Moment Too Soon" Files: Gwyneth Paltrow to play Marlene Dietrich. Hollywood, we JUST talked about this. Come on.


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