Mar. 11th, 2010

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So, Con or Bust is in its final days, and there are a bunch of people lined up to go and waiting for the monies that only an auction full of baked goods and ARCs can provide. So let me briefly remind all those who might have some spare change: I am up for auction! If you win this bid, you will receive a very long, probably-meandering, hopefully-illustrated movie review for the cinematic crapfest of your choice.*

Sure, we all know I'll watch almost anything, but there's got to be some celluloid disaster that you just can't wait to inflict on me, right? Best part, you don't even have to be the top bidder; the top three will all be able to command two-to-three hours of my movie-watching life! So head on over to make your bids.

(I'll answer questions about iffy movies in the comments here, or you can just taunt me with what you plan to inflict on me, like [ profile] squirrel_monkey is doing.)

* I'm basically up for anything that is not gory. I am a weenie.


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