Apr. 5th, 2010

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Over the weekend, I saw Clash of the Titans. As you might be able to tell from my review at Tor.com, things did not go so well!

Here's the thing about Clash of the Titans and all associated B-movies: I don't demand that they be something other than they are. I watch The Mummy whenever it's on TV, because it's a perfectly decent pulp film, and I don't require anything more from it.

However, I DO require of a B-movie what I require of most movies: that something, at some point, makes a modicum of sense, or is engaging, or is so over-the-top it's comedy gold, or something. It's not much to ask in theory, but it's really baffling how many movies march grimly through the motions, throwing in video-game-standard CGI and half-baked thematic elements and hoping no one will notice the lack of excellence in either. Clash of the Titans is a supreme example of this.

They did succeed, however, in taking one of the few Greek myths that didn't involve rape and adding rape to it. That's something to be proud of, I guess!*

However, Hans Matheson was in it, which was amusing for the duration of whatever cumulative milliseconds the camera accidentally caught him while panning over to Sam Worthington's single facial expression, so that was nice! (Bonus: he wasn't evil! Color me surprised! First time for everything, I guess. You go, Hans. Hope this helps you get a better role elsewhere.)

* It is not something to be proud of.


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