May. 7th, 2010

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So, I promise I have a Cookson and everything lined up for next week, but this week I am slammed with work on all fronts and my blog posts look like a Tumblr. I know! I'm sorry!

Two things.

1. Pre-emptive apology: If this CSI Miami intro-pun thing is not funny anymore and I am totally behind the times, somebody should tell me, because I laugh every time I run across it, no matter what. I feel suspiciously like I am that person who was the VERY LAST PERSON to give up laughing at the "WAZZZAAAAP" beer commercial.

(Note: I never actually laughed at that, because I hated it and everyone in it, but I am always wary of being the last person in the room to be like, "Have I got an amazing cutting-edge cultural reference!" and then I do a Fonzie impression and everyone's quiet for three thousand years until the building crumbles because of tectonic plate shift and I fall gratefully into an abyss.*)

via [ profile] d_princesses

2. Speaking of really dark fairy tales that can easily become more horrifying, this week I wrote up a steampunk remake of Hansel and Gretel that's in the works for next year.

In theory, I approve (steampunk and dark fairy tales and incesty overtones, what's not to like?). However, the news that they're trolling the cast of Twilight like a suspicious old man at a Kinder Kare has me worried, because I don't know if you have noticed this, but that crew is not necessarily made up of the best actors in the world. (Or in their fifty-foot radius.) I know that movie is popular, and I understand that casting Jackson Rathbone sounds like a wise move, but I urge you to actually watch one of those movies and re-evaulate, because for real.


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