May. 11th, 2010

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Artist Marina Abramović is currently performing her interactive piece The Artist Is Present at MoMA. She sits in a chair, and people come in and sit across from her, and they look at each other.

This is clearly about a lot of things. This is about connection between people, and about humanity as performance art, and about how long you can go without crying, and about how celebrities can cut the line and sit without waiting. (I'd argue this is for their safety and the general calm or something, but the kind of people who are skipping work to go to MoMA and sit in this exhibit would never, ever, EVER break their cool to a movie star, and we all know it.)

However, I have to think that the enduring point of this piece is that people on the internet will:

1) get interested in anything.
2) get obsessed about anything.
3) form a community about anything
4) get bitchface about anything.

Take this photo:

This woman is another artist who appears several times in the photo set; as far as I could see, this is the only time she's covered, though she tries to vary her appearance every time.

Below the photo are the following comments:

Oh, internet. Never change.


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