May. 19th, 2010

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This week at Fantasy Magazine, the fight-fest continues with Fantasy's Top Ten Fight Scenes: The Battles.

This one was rougher than I had expected, largely because I wanted to get a range of battle scenes, and it's much easier to find a range of movies in which two characters duke it out than it is to find a range of movies where a group of people ends up having a violent engineering dispute with another group of people, and because a lot of scenes that seem like battles on the surface are actually next round's trope, One Against Many.

Anyway, you will recognize battle scenes from two of my favorite movies on that list; one of them is a legit, awesome fantasy battle (thank you, Buliwyf and various alternate-history personages), and the other I put in because it's the shit. (It's legitimately supposed to be a spec movie, so luckily it counts, but when you want a nice, low-tech battle, The Warriors is your jam no matter what.)

Next up, it'll be time for One Against Many. I may end up with twenty of those; it is apparently fantasy's favorite thing in the WORLD. (Because it's awesome.)


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