May. 25th, 2010

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Obligatory: I will be at WisCon as of tomorrow! I will see what looks like 65% of you there.

Also obligatory: I will be part of the Lightspeed Launch Event!

Lightspeed Magazine Launch Event, Saturday, 10pm, Conference Room 2

Join us to celebrate the launch of Lightspeed Magazine (, a new online science fiction magazine published by Prime Books (publisher of Fantasy Magazine). Lightspeed editors John Joseph Adams and Andrea Kail, along with publisher Sean Wallace, will be on hand to discuss this exciting new venture, and will present readings by the authors.

Alice Sola Kim, Genevieve Valentine, Vylar Kaftan, Cat T. Rambo, John Joseph Adams

I will be reading my story "The Zeppelin Conductors' Society Annual Gentlemen's Ball," which is scheduled to be in the magazine this summer.

And when I get home, I have an awesome Bollywood epic to talk about! (I probably should have been talking about it since last year, but then it wasn't available on DVD and I didn't have Netflix yet, and so I forgot about it for a year before I thought to look it up again. When I am off the clock, my brain is pretty much a blank canvas with movies playing on top, and sometimes one slips through the cracks. Sorry, movie!)

I would be talking about it today, except that all my screencapping time last night went to laundry, and then a lot of staring at my clothes as I realized with dawning horror that I am completely unprepared for anything higher than 65 degrees. I foresee a lot of staying indoors, and/or little scuttling bursts from shade to shade as I hold up the collar on my all-black casual businesswear and hiss at the monstrous sun like an angel extra in The Prophecy.*

* Which is a straight-up awesome movie. I'll go to the mat on this.


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