May. 27th, 2010

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This is what happens when you hit your biannual Bollywood kick right before you get on a plane: this song, in a loop on your head, for two hours.

Here's the thing: it's a really upbeat, catchy song, performed by Madhuri Dixit (who, for my money, is one of the best in Bollywood). If you do not read the lyrics, it sounds like the best time ever.

But if you read the lyrics, it is the happiest song about questionabe-consent field-going EVER.

This alternate translation is even less encouraging of flirty/fun-time readings, since the words "by force" appear often.

I saw somewhere that this is a folk song? She said, not knowing a damn thing. (Then again, that might have been YouTube comments, which are hardly citable.)

Of course, if it was, everyone's folktales/songs have undertones of Ye Ole Questionable Materiale, so it's hardly fair to single out any particular song from anywhere (and using only one of many possible translations) for having strange subject matter (I mean, Grimm's Fairy Tales, anyone?). I'm just saying that I first came across this clip without the translation, and enjoyed having it stuck in my head, and then I found the translation, and now I don't know what to think. It's too catchy to be wrong! Right?

P.S. It has now been stuck in my head four days and counting. I don't even know.

P.P.S. The movie this is from is Anjaam, the first pairing of Madhuri and Shahrukh Khan, who would go on to partner her in several movies, my favorite of which is Devdas. (I have a total soft spot for sweeping historical epics, as you'll see.) The plot of this movie, summed up as succintly as possible on Wikipedia. (You should click it; it's a work of art.)

I have seen this whole movie, and can confirm it is exactly as cracktacular as it sounds. Immediate addition to the list of my favorite potboilers.


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