Jun. 3rd, 2010

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It sounds like an It List for the Shire (Wouldn't that be amazing? Awkwardly-posed group shots of all the Tooks and Proudfeet and Gamgees that made it that year, like a Vanity Fair spread?), but really, Nine Hobbits that Could Happen details how things are probably going to go if any of those nine directors get their hands on the material.

I'm getting really concerned about The Hobbit, actually; bad enough that it's two movies long, which is utterly unnecessary, but there are huge budget issues and production has gone on forever and they are still adrift in the casting pond and it's just turning into a mess. (Plus, one of my favorite people in the whole world, Sir Ian, is not getting any younger, and if this thing takes much longer to get off the ground he's going to be sitting in an easy chair in a lot of his shots. This is fine for Bag End, but will get iffy once we hit the woods.)

That said, I don't think Bigelow or Scott are impossible choices, and I'd watch either of those movies. Otherwise I'm just staying home and singing along with my Rankin-Bass version, which is THE JAM.


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