Jul. 22nd, 2010

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It's not just a sub-par Moby lyric, IT'S ACTUALLY TRUE.

(That is an actual thought I had at Launchpad, while we were learning about the most common substances in the universe. It's easy to dismiss Moby for everything after Play - not only easy, but probably a good idea - but the dude got some factual information about science at some point, that much is clear.)

Meanwhile, the Hubble, which is determined to show us how much we'll regret letting it just fall apart in space, is taking pretty pictures just to spite us.

Dear Earth,

You know what? I am just taking pictures out here because it's pretty and I feel like it. Don't think this is about you, Earth, you hear me? Because I am over you. I don't want you to worry about me, or feel guilty about just giving up on me forever, or anything like that, because I could not care less. You have fun with your James Webb Space Telescope, okay? Because I don't even know what I ever saw in you, and I've got better things than you coming up.

No love,


(Not pictured: filename "neenerneener.jpg")

Also, yes, I have probably turned into one of Those Kids Who Won't Shut Up About How Fun Camp Was*, and you'll be regularly hearing about astronomy alongside movies and costuming. (Uh, fair warning for those who hate the night sky, I guess?)

As a kid I loved staring at whatever stars I could see (mmm, suburban light pollution), and I knew the mythology of the various constellations without having a sense of their real scope (or, let's face it, knowing where many of them were). Launchpad really filled in some of the handwavey places in my brain and rekindled that little-kid love affair with the sky. It's like I'm a kid again, only now I'm a really tall kid who knows terms like "visual binary" and pays taxes and has realized planes are not actually fun to be on like your parents always said they were!

* To be fair, I have not, nor will I ever, like an actual camp. I was out on Vedauwoo for less than three hours and I managed to wound myself and have an allergic reaction. The best thing about astronomy is that you can do it anywhere where you can look up, like penthouses with skylights. This will involve making new friends who have skylights in their penthouses, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.


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