Aug. 18th, 2010

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Last year I covered Miss Universe's National Costume Contest. I didn't realize when this year's was, but it was pointed out that pictures were out and I had better get started.

I'm not sure who the actual winner of this event is (I think that doesn't happen until Monday?). Since I have a different criteria than the judges of the pageant - they enjoy "bras that look like eyeballs" and I enjoy "Icelandic schoolmarm" - I wasn't sure exactly how to go about picking a winner of my own.

I looked for overwhelming trends this year (including Nonsense Capes, Escape from Prom Island, I Was a Project Runway Challenge, and Shit You Have to Carry), but I finally stumbled across a picture that made me realize the difference between perception of these national costumes and their reality.

This is Japan's national costume.

First of all, and I mean this: way to improve over last year, everyone. Sure, it's completely over the top, but this is Miss Universe, not the Parade of Dignity, so whatever. And yes, she's holding a fan as tall as she is, but hey, you guys got the memo about Shit You Have to Carry, so you're just doing your job.

But, uh, here's what it looks like in person.

In which pretty much no one learns a damn thing from last year, except Canada. )


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