Aug. 31st, 2010

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Just for the record, this is not an endorsement of any kind. The movie this clip is from is a disaster. Never watch it.

That said, this clip is my go-to on a bad day, because no matter how bad my day is, Cillian Murphy going about his daily tasks while sobbing uncontrollably never fails to make me laugh. (That sounds meaner than it is. I hope.)

(Let me state again that this movie, Watching the Detectives, should never be viewed by anyone. Cillian Murphy is a very talented actor who has made some great movies. He has also made some total stinkbombs, of which this one vies for the top slot. Trust me on this. If you're on a Cillian Murphy kick, go rent Disco Pigs or Sunshine or something.)

I have been so busy that my Netflix queue is backing up, I didn't even watch the Emmys, and apparently this is the last day of August, a joke I find unnecessarily cruel. Hopefully I'll have a handle on everything soon, at which point I will be able to go into detail about the filmographies of various actors with questionable taste. (Man, I am looking at SO MANY ACTORS right now.)


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