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Genevieve Valentine ([personal profile] glvalentine) wrote2010-07-30 04:59 pm

Pillars of the Earth Ep. 2, Master Builder

And I thought the first episode was amazing!

I'm not saying it got cheesier. I'm just saying that if I ran a drive-in movie, this would be the summer special.

These men are just confused that they are one of the few promo stills available and 80% of them haven't even appeared in the miniseries yet. Mostly because this miniseries is a battlefield they aren't on. You know who's on that battlefield? The people under this cut.

1. I have figured out the ham-off! The real goal here is to award the person who can steal the most scenes with other cast members in them, which means the second episode is just a lot of medieval thespians running around trying desperately to smarm on one another.

2. Notably absent from this game: Rufus Sewell and Matthew MacFayden, who have what is actually a great scene together discussing the feasibility and possibilities for the new cathedral. Their eyes are like lovely hostages. "Isn't this nice?" they seem to say. "Why couldn't we do this in some nice modern-politics miniseries?"

3. Rufus Sewell gets a sex scene. He and this lady Ellen get it on on the second floor of a barn, in the second-floor haypile where a goat lives, directly above where their kids are not-quite-sleeping, listening to the sex. In the haypile where the goat lives.

4. So many of these actors deserve better than this, none more so than Eddie Redmayne, who plays Jack. It's like watching James McAvoy in Children of Dune when it aired and thinking, "This dude will do better, but I am feeling for him right now." I AM FEELING FOR YOU RIGHT NOW, EDDIE, EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY.

5. Sarah Parish completely wins the ham-off by not only filling up on her Other Character Bingo card first, but also for the scene where her son comes home from raping someone and she gives him a bath and asks him about it as her hand slides south of the bathwater, if you get me. It's supposed to be super creepy, and I guess on the surface it is, but Sarah Parish plays the whole scene like it's a Tim Curry Contest, and so what really happens is that the scene is hilarious and you laugh a lot. Sorry, everyone who thought that scene would work out the way you hoped. (If it's any consolation, it worked better as comedy.)

I sort of can't wait for this week; by now, every time I see Sarah's wimple I smile, because I know it's gonna be good.

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