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Genevieve Valentine ([personal profile] glvalentine) wrote2010-08-03 11:45 am
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I'm guestblogging over at Ecstastic Days over the next week or so, and after a handwavey attempt to link writing and music (they are...both things that I like), I start things off with Nine Movie Composers to Know.

This is timely largely because of Inception's amazing soundtrack, by the seriously productive Hans Zimmer (composer of 8 bajillion movies), and has brought new attention to the role that a score plays in a movie. Naturally, all scores play a large part, but this one in particular gets points for the cleverness of some of its cues. (Can you tell how hard I'm avoiding spoilers here? Please, everyone, just see the movie so we can all stop hinting.)

However, I've been a score nerd pretty much ever since I was a movie nerd, and the nine composers there are far from the only ones whose stuff I hoard. Yoko Kanno, Ennio Morricone, Clint Mansell, Trevor Jones, Bear McCreary, Philip Glass, Peter Nashel, Brian Tyler, Jeanine Tesori, Stephen McKeon - basically, I had to cut it off after nine, or it would have been a six-thousand-word blog post about how awesome music is.

Instead, I'll leave you with one of my favorite pieces of movie music ever. (Both times it was used, Graeme, I see you over there recycling! You stop working for terrible TV and score a good movie this instant!)