glvalentine: (kitty the typewriter girl)
Genevieve Valentine ([personal profile] glvalentine) wrote2010-08-10 04:42 pm
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Mmm, appropriate icon.

So, over the weekend, I wrote 7,000 words on the WIP. I was thrilled with the progress, but because of lack of internet access and flash-drive access, I didn't have a chance to back it up...

...before the netbook bluescreened and I lost all of it.

Since that is the only corrupted file on the hard drive, and it is the first time in years I haven't emailed a WIP to myself at the end of the day or had a flash drive on me for backup, I can only assume that my netbook was trying to tell me something. (It was trying to tell me to smash it into tiny pieces and buy a new one, I expect.)

I'll be working on that this week, obviously. I will also be having a flash drive installed subcutaneously in, say, my elbow, so I am never again without a handy backup resource.

I fear it will end up sounding like this:

(Still one of my favorite riffs of all time.)

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