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Genevieve Valentine ([personal profile] glvalentine) wrote2010-08-21 03:09 pm
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I am sacrificing some writing time this weekend to do a hardcore apartment clean-out. I do this on a semi-regular basis, and am relatively good at not keeping things around because of sentimental value, and yet am always astonished at things that have managed to elude me between one purge and the next. (Mix CDs from my sophomore year of college, I am looking at you. Notes from people in high school, I am studiously not looking at you, since I don't want to die of embarrassment before I discreetly shred you.)

A side effect of all this cleaning should be that, when I finally sit down to write, I will be so sick of cleaning that even recreating the Lost 7K of 2010 should be a pleasure.

That's if I ever make it through the cleaning to begin with. If I never emerge from this pile of old ConEd bills, think well of me!

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