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Genevieve Valentine ([personal profile] glvalentine) wrote2010-08-30 10:49 am
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The Living Dead: "And the Next, and the Next"

The website for The Living Dead 2 is live! There are a ton of goodies on the site, including early reviews and a series of author interviews.

I have a story in this one, and it's one of eight stories available on the site as a preview.

"And the Next, and the Next" takes place on Coney Island, home of the Warriors and the Wonder Wheel, and a place about which it's almost impossible not to have feelings of some kind. (Unless you're a zombie, I guess - and even then...)

Anyway, take a look around the site: I'm really excited to be a part of this anthology!

(Thanks to my sister for this picture. I'd dedicate the story to her, too, since she was the person who visited Coney Island with me the first time I ever went, but it seems kind of mean to be like, "So I wrote a story about the mindless, doomed hordes - and I dedicated it to you!" That'll give somebody a complex.)

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