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Genevieve Valentine ([personal profile] glvalentine) wrote2010-09-07 10:31 am
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"And She Shall Be Crowned According to Her Station."

Wow, it has been a while since I posted. Sorry! A lot of things came due at once. I'll try to pull myself together and get back to making squawking noises about movies in the near future.

Writing news: my story "And She Shall Be Crowned According to Her Station" is live at Strange Horizons!

The first roach appears in the sink, mahogany-dark and glossy against the stainless steel. Jessie grabs a sponge and slams it down, listens for the crunch of wings.

The second roach is in the living room, crawling along the molding. Jessie waits with the vacuum until it's close enough that she can suck it up. Just before it disappears into the hose, she sees it spread its wings and point its antennae backwards like it's offended.

A warning on this one: so, so many roaches. If crawlies make you squeamish, fair warning.