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Genevieve Valentine ([personal profile] glvalentine) wrote2010-09-12 07:42 pm
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Boardwalk Empire

Last week I was invited to a sneak preview of Boardwalk Empire, HBO's new show that is about giving awesome character actors lots of chances to be intense at each other, and also a little bit about Prohibition, I guess. (I am more invested in the former – I feel like in a lot of ways HBO is becoming the BBC, where limited-run shows employ excellent casts purely to make me happy.)

(Steve Buscemi, chairing a meeting of the Character Actors Association.)

From the relatively brief preview I saw, there's a lot to like here. They certainly did their historical research, and I look forward to many montages of Al Capone sneaking Canadian Club whisky across the Detroit River, intercut with something seemingly-unrelated yet thematically relevant, as period-correct music plays. (I have nothing to say in my own defense; I am a sucker.)

(During the preview, when Michael Pitt introduces himself as Jimmy Perspectivecharacter and Stephen Graham says, "Name's Al – Al Capone," half the people gasped. Well done, preview editor!)

A shorter version of the preview we saw is below. Bottom line: it's about Prohibition, jazz music, flapper dresses, Temperance, and character actors. How could I NOT watch this?