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Name:Genevieve Valentine
Birthdate:Jul 1
I am a writer based in New York; I write science fiction, fantasy, and slipstream. I am represented by Jennifer Jackson.

I am a blogger at and a columnist at Fantasy Magazine. I sporadically update my Twitter.

I write far too much about bad movies, with far too much enthusiasm.


"And the Next, and the Next," The Living Dead 2 anthology. Forthcoming.

"Dire Wolf," Running with the Pack anthology. Forthcoming.

"Aurum," Abyss & Apex. Forthcoming.

"Carte Blanche," Electric Velocipede. Forthcoming.

"And In Their Glad Rags," Drollerie Press. Forthcoming.

"Tapping-Rain," Behind the Wainscot. Forthcoming.

"Take Four," Kaleidotrope. Forthcoming.

"Wondrous Days," Apex Magazine, January 2010

“A Brief Investigation of the Process of Decay” , Strange Horizons, November 2009

"A Garden in Bloom," Shimmer's Clockwork Jungle Book, November 2009

"Light on the Water," Fantasy Magazine, November 2009

"To a Dear Friend, on Her Departure,"Last Drink Bird Head, October 2009

"To Set Before the King," Interfictions 2 Online Annex, September 2009

"Is This Your Day to Join the Revolution?", Futurismic, September 2009

"Carthago Delenda Est," Escape Pod, August 2009

"How to Write a Sad Song,"Jabberwocky 4, August 2009

"Advection," Clarkesworld, August 2009

"Bespoke," Strange Horizons, July 2009

"The Drink of Fine Gentlemen Everywhere,"Sybil's Garage 6, May 2009

"Carthago Delenda Est," Federations (ed. John Joseph Adams). [Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Fictionwise]

"White Stone," Fantasy Magazine, March 2009

"Synergy," Diet Soap, February 2009

"29 Union Leaders Can't Be Wrong," Escape Pod, February 2009

"Keep Calm and Carillon," Farrago's Wainscot, January 2009

"Count", Cabinet des Fées, September 2008

"The Red Shoes", Journal of Mythic Arts (Endicott Studio), August 2008

"A Dinner of Chrysanthemums", Flashquake, June 2008

"Wedding Portrait", Quarter After Eight, April 2008

"La Belle Dormant", Byzarium January 2008

"29 Union Leaders Can't Be Wrong", Strange Horizons, June 2007


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