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I found out this morning that my story "Light on the Water" has been nominated for A World Fantasy Award, alongside some seriously amazing work.

I am still reeling a little, but I gotta say, news like this has a way of making one's morning.
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So, "Advection" and "Bespoke" both made the Nebula Suggested Reading List. That is amazing, and it is awesome.

If you're an interested SFWA member (or would just like to check them out!), "Advection" can be read at Clarkesworld, and "Bespoke" can be read at Strange Horizons.
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I'm putting discretion aside and just going for this, because it seems like a good day to mention some short stories I've written that are eligible for the Nebula this year.

Advection. A girl, a plant, a young man, Panama.

Bespoke. Fine clothes for the self-satisfied time-traveler in your life.

Carthago Delenda Est. You know how your signature is never exactly the same? It's like that, with people.

The Red Shoes. Tango: world's creepiest dance.

(A full list of my published fiction is available here; most of it was published in 2009, and so is eligible. I am happy to provide e-copies of any story upon request!)


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