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Okay, I have not even begun to settle back in from Launchpad, but I have a lot of updates and not enough time to write thoughtful intros for them (or for anything, ever), so we'll do this list-style and then I promise to bore you sometime later this week with the awesome details about making s'mores with people using only starlight for heat and marshmallows we harvested ourselves.

(This did not happen. Wyoming has no marshmallow trees, as they only thrive in the Pacific Northwest.)

1. First, fiction news! My short story "The Zeppelin Conductors’ Society Annual Gentlemen’s Ball" is up at Lightspeed Magazine!

2. I saw Inception opening weekend. I had to wait until I was in New York to do it - I dropped my suitcase at my apartment and went straight from there to the theatre - but I saw it. I will be writing more (a lot more) about this movie later, but for now, my SPOILERY review is up at SPOILERS. It says so in the cut-tag, but I'm direct-linking, so SPOILERS. SO MANY SPOILERS. THE TITANIC SINKS. DARTH IS LUKE'S DAD. SO MANY SPOILERS.

3. Launchpad was great. I wrote up an intro post here, with some handy links, and followed it up with Four Fun Things About the Universe, for values of "fun" that include the knowledge that if you get close to a black hole you'll be torn to shreds by gravity. Whee!

Tomorrow I should be caught up and ready to blog again. I hope. (I might just go home and sleep 12 hours. It's reverse altitude sickness!)
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On Friday, I went to Alaya Dawn Johnson's launch party for her 1920s vampire novel Moonshine. It was a flapper party. I was not missing that.

It was a great party - live music, performances, people complaining about their suits at length. But the best part about it was that the gallery was so far on the West Side that hipsters piling onto the street from out of nowhere just looked as though they had crawled out of the slime of the River, adjusted their ironic 80s fashions, and then set out their shamble across the city. I am not exaggerating when I say that literally hundreds of hipsters passed us, on this non-major cross-street at the far edge of the city, over the course of the evening. I still don't understand where they all came from. Eventually partygoers gave me possible transportation options like "magical bridge" and "dirigible," and I believed them all, because THEY JUST KEPT COMING.

Bonus: that party also ruined my impression of New York as a place where hipsters are obsessed with being seen in superhip exclusive nightclubs with five bouncers, which I carried over from my time working for an event planner. Turns out this is wrong! People in New York will, in fact, enter any venue where lights are on and sound is coming out, much like moths, or nightgown-wearing young ladies vacationing in remote locales. A good two dozen people walked into this party off the street, saw that 95% of attendees were dressed like a silent movie, AND WENT WITH IT. Twenty minutes later, they would wander out again, looking confusedly at the book they had somehow bought. Meanwhile, all the costumed partygoers were sipping drinks and giving them the side-eye. It was glorious.

There is photographic evidence of this nice party, but this photo in particular captures the mood of the room:

Photo: Ellen B. Wright |

It catches that sense of fun that was going around all night, with Alaya soaking up the good vibes, AND a pair of party-crashers doing the Charleston in the foreground. Dance away, participatory hipsters! (SERIOUSLY, WHERE DID YOU COME FROM.)

Launch Pad!

May. 1st, 2010 07:51 pm
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It's official - I'll be attending Launch Pad this year!

I'm incredibly excited about this, and seriously cannot wait for July. Stars! (I live in New York; if you ever see a decent night sky in New York City, something is horribly wrong and you should try to leave that parallel universe immediately.)
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(You know, out of context, that title sounds like something Gilgamesh would say, and not a way to instantly get me to quote that film in its entirety.)

A week ago, I passed a little hobby shop that had Galaxy Quest miniatures in the window. I did a double-take, walked back, pressed my face to the grate until my face looked like a waffle iron, and generally pined for them. It took me a week to get back there at a time when they were actually open. But I did, and now I own this:

Box is labeled "Standard Thermian Issue." APPROVED.

You'd think that owning this, and being able to take it out of the packaging any time I want, would be the best thing ever. (Collectors, please put down your mint-in-box weapons - the bottom of this box is so damaged there's no point in keeping it pristine. It's seen better days; it might as well live out its life being carried around on a belt loop as I cosplay as Brandon-at-home-just-as-Jason-calls-him or something.) However, it turns out that this is NOT, in fact the best thing ever, because as I went looking for pictures of this thing, I found a website that has this on it:

Found on The Questerian.

I don't care if this is the real Japanese poster, or a fan graphic, or a total hoax, because whatever this is, it is the best thing ever. (That gun is shooting "Never Give Up, Never Surrender," you guys. YOU GUYS.)

My mom's reaction when I told her I'd bought Thermian away-team gear: "Well, you're outside." (This nerd apple did not fall far from the tree.)
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So, doubtless ill-advisedly, I've started a Tumblr: Questionable Taste Theatre!

No worries about cross-posting; as with my Twitter, I try to limit overlap. On the other hand, this Tumblr will probably have stuff like one-off movie costume commentary QTT movies I abandon (like the one I tried where Alec "Maud'Dib" Newman is a stockbroker-slash-jazz-pianist and Amy Adams stands on the street corner and sings with him every night even though They Are Strangers and He Must Find Her and I just couldn't, you guys, seriously), which this LJ probably won't have. So, if you're dying for a picture of that movie that I scribbled all over in MS Paint, tune in to Tumblr! (It deserved it. It was awful.)

In other news I couldn't discuss until now, I got called up for jury duty! I heard a lot about the importance of being fair and unbiased, and then they piped in Fox News all day long. (Oh, court system, you're a gas!) I didn't get chosen for an actual jury because I had past circumstances that rendered me ineligible, etc. However, I was one of the last called for this jury, so I got to watch the selection process for a good long time. Turns out, you can practically see a Sims diamond appearing over the heads of those who will eventually be chosen.

Unrelated anecdote: I was walking home last night, catching up with my parents, and a cab did an illegal U-turn in the middle of the intersection and nearly hit me (like, "I had to jump backwards to avoid being struck by his rear-view mirror" nearly). I proceeded to give him an incredibly loud and colorful* explanation of pedestrian right-of-way; he sheepishly tried to take his foot off the brake and roll out of the situation (hilariously), but was too nervous to actually hit the gas, so I just walked alongside him until I was finished.

Then I remembered I had been doing the Nun Point with my phone hand, and my parents were still on the line.

* I would like to pretend this was badass-profanity colorful, but it was mostly, "Do you know what a WALK sign looks like? It looks like someone walking! Like I'm walking after you right now because YOU ARE TRYING TO ROLL AWAY FROM ME."
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So, Con or Bust is in its final days, and there are a bunch of people lined up to go and waiting for the monies that only an auction full of baked goods and ARCs can provide. So let me briefly remind all those who might have some spare change: I am up for auction! If you win this bid, you will receive a very long, probably-meandering, hopefully-illustrated movie review for the cinematic crapfest of your choice.*

Sure, we all know I'll watch almost anything, but there's got to be some celluloid disaster that you just can't wait to inflict on me, right? Best part, you don't even have to be the top bidder; the top three will all be able to command two-to-three hours of my movie-watching life! So head on over to make your bids.

(I'll answer questions about iffy movies in the comments here, or you can just taunt me with what you plan to inflict on me, like [ profile] squirrel_monkey is doing.)

* I'm basically up for anything that is not gory. I am a weenie.
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Judging by how far behind the curve I am on most things, I am the last person in the world to see this, but I have to share, because, well, it's the Star Wars tuna commercial.

I would like to personally high-five everyone in this commercial, just for the record, because some people act, and some people act on TV, and some people make real art. I think we all know what has happened here today. (Or, in 1970whatever.)

(Via [ profile] vintage_ads, which is always amazing, and today is about fifteen times as amazing as usual.)
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So, my story "Bespoke", published last summer, has been getting some very flattering attention recently. It is currently slated to appear in The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2010 and Year's Best Science Fiction #15, and has just made the Locus Recommended Reading List in bogglingly excellent company.

I'm beyond thrilled at the reaction to this story. Those who are curious can read it for free here.
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So, sometimes you see a costume and think, "That must have been a lot of work!"

Then you see a jacket based on a 17th-century original and handmade over a period of three years by over 250 people.

Enjoy the opulence of the finished product, and then realize that the silk lining was made by hand on a loom that the guy in question may or may not have BUILT HIMSELF.

I mean...I vacuumed this weekend and thought I had been really productive, you know?

You can follow the progress of this amazing jacket at the Plimoth Plantation blog.

It's seriously mind-boggling how much work went into this jacket, both because of the historical implications of the work inherent in the sort of clothes you see in portraits, and also because it means that 250 people agreed to do work on things like cutting out tiny spangles that would eventually trim the edges of the lace that would trim the shoulders on a jacket they would never even see. Just...awesome.
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Socrates once said that the unexamined life is not worth living.

That's never stopped me from trying, though, so consider this the entirety of my year in review! Happy New Year to everyone!

(I do have my traditional plan to start the year the way i mean to go on; watching awesome movies. It's good to have goals, you know?)
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Found on ONTD - there is a new Oscar category for Best Thing in the World, and this person is the ONLY NOMINEE:

"Cinema 2009: 1 Year, 342 Movies, 12 Months of Production, 7 Minutes."

I don't know if anyone knows this, but I love movies a lot? Anyway, this is basically what the inside of my head looks like, all the time, awake or asleep. (This also explains why I forget real-life stuff - you notice there is no frame in here that says YOU ARE OUT OF MILK, for example.)

Dear person who made this: you are a genius.
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Welcome to France picspam, Part Two!

Fun fact: I have already forgotten which of these things we did on which day, because I have a brain like a sieve. Enjoy my manufactured retelling of events!

Beginning with a driving interlude (to keep the rest of France spoiler-free, I guess?):

My sister took this photo and said, "It's so Six Feet Under!" (That's my girl.)

Spoilers for France, apparently! )
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So, when I heard Cate Blanchett was in A Streetcar Named Desire down at BAM, I decided I had avoided theatre long enough.

I don't tend to go to live theatre. It stresses me out. I get nervous for the performers to the point that I can't enjoy the show because I am terrified that some disaster will occur. WHAT IF SOMEONE MESSES UP OH GOD?

(I trace this back to my mom taking me to see Annie Get Your Gun as a traveling production when I was maybe seven years old, and the bird not falling from the cage when Annie shot it, so there was this long horrible silence while everyone waited for the bird to fall before they started up again, and then later the bird fell down in the middle of a musical number and it landed on someone's head and they had to pretend it didn't happen, BUT IT DID. I have been to live theatre since, but I will never forget the horrible, horrible sound of the fourth wall breaking.)

On the other hand, Cate Blanchett.

Was I a fool? No. I was going to stand in line with my friend [ profile] bowdlerizedand get tickets no matter how many trips it took.

Here's how that went. )
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The Interfictions 2 auction to benefit the Interstitial Arts Foundation ends tomorrow, but there are still plenty of goodies up for auction, so you should check it out!

I have to made a totally-biased mention of "Gilded Cage," a necklace by Chris Fisher based on my Annex story "To Set Before the King".

I love the choice of charms, the color scheme, and the fact that it's a collar necklace, which fits beautifully with the themes of the scene.

I'm extremely flattered to have two artists who were inspired by my story (the other one was the best kid's toy ever, Bee with Cleaver), and I love to see all the things inspired by other stories. Definitely check it out if you can - there are some lovely things to snag and/or ogle!
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Last night I saw A Streetcar Named Desire. It was too awesome for me to process at the moment. Instead, let me share with you what I'll be doing tonight!

I'll be reviewing it for, but if it's anything like Tin Man (and we all know how I felt about Tin Man), you can expect a lot more discussion over here.

I urge you to tune in! (Mostly so I don't have to suffer alone.)
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This is a spotty picspam of my recent trip to France, mostly courtesy of my sister, who takes good photos. I've noted my photos, though I don't think you need the help, since mine are the ones that are terrible.

First, this sign in the little village where we spent the first couple of nights.

That sign says PICNIC FORBIDDEN. Sure, they know it's a picturesque meadow beside a river, but if you lay down ONE gingham tablecloth, they will take you OUT. France is not kidding about this. It will TURN THIS MEADOW AROUND RIGHT NOW.

And now, Rouen. )


Nov. 25th, 2009 11:59 pm
glvalentine: (nerd alert) my sister, who sent me a CD of her pictures from France. (A physical CD full of data! It's like a carrier pigeon brought it!)

This means I can make a decent post sometime about France, because my pictures look like this, and HER pictures look like this:

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So, "Advection" and "Bespoke" both made the Nebula Suggested Reading List. That is amazing, and it is awesome.

If you're an interested SFWA member (or would just like to check them out!), "Advection" can be read at Clarkesworld, and "Bespoke" can be read at Strange Horizons.
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This year's IAF Interfictions Auction is in full swing, and I was totally thrilled to see that someone had made an item based on my story in the Annex, To Set Before the King.

The artist, Lisa Bergin, took two disparate elements of the story (bees and meat cleavers) and needle-felted something that looks like the sort of toy Sweeney Todd would have played with as a kid (which fits beautifully, since there are also children in this story, and they figure out early on that fairy tales are about as comforting as a bee with a cleaver behind its back).*

I think it's such a quirky and subversive little piece, and I love that she took two images and created a new and totally different image with them, which is pretty much what interstitial art is all about. Thanks to to the artist for making my day!

* I like my fairy tales like I like my felted-wool sculptures: covered in beeeeeees!


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