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So, the Emmys happened! I don't care who won. I came for the dresses.

This entry is ENORMOUS. Dial-up is not safe beyond this cut tag.

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Apr. 12th, 2009 04:54 pm
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I ended up in Topshop yesterday (long story). It was as awful as can be imagined, except that the Presets were on the store music, which would have been painful except that by then it was like the light at the end of the tunnel.

Also, amid the $50 cropped oversize sweatshirts (which I waved around squawking at the prices, just like a good grandmother should), they had one wall of stuff like this:


...for $250 a pop. *chokes*

(Seriously, I understand I do most of my shopping at Goodwill and therefore my idea of what things should cost vs. what they do cost is a little skewed, but seriously, $50 for a an oversize sweatshirt sliced off at the waist is just laughable.)
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1. At some point, I will have to take the plunge and start using my Twitter. I keep going to the point of logging on and then shrinking back as if from crystal meth.

2. If someone like Junot Diaz ever blurbs MY book as "Cool as fuck," I will tattoo those words. On someone else. (I don't like pain. Plus, when you're cool as fuck, people do what you want!)

3. Spring is coming; the guy whose backyard backs up to my building is out in his plastic chair, barefoot, shirt open, reading the paper. I also know this as "that time of year when I keep my blinds closed all the time."

4. The exhibit book that accompanies the Gothic fashion exhibit contains about fifteen photos of material actually in the exhibit. The exhibit had something like seventy-five pieces. There will be more about this.

5. In better gown news, Megan Mylan's mother stopped by my Oscar dress post to give me the details on her daughter's Oscar dress, which was designed by Megan's grandmother, who went to the Pratt Institute as a fashion illustrator. Megan promised to wear it if she ever got nominated. Basically, it is the coolest, sweetest thing ever. For once I have used the internet for good, and not for evil!

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This is the runway version of Marisa Tomei's dress from the Oscars:

And I stared at it for about thirty seconds before I finally figured out what it reminded me of!

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So, Melissa Leo Day (otherwise known as the Oscars) happened last night! Let's get right to the fashion.

Melissa Leo did not win. This was not a surprise (it was Winslet's year and everyone knew it), but by the time it happened I felt like it was for the best, because as awesome as I think Melissa Leo is, I did not necessarily want to see her dress again.

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Disclaimer: I don't care about Valentine's Day except that it gives me a chance to make a list post. I am the Switzerland of Valentine's day. (Unless people ask me if I'm excited for my "name day," and then I sigh, because seriously, that joke was old in fourth grade, it's old now.)

- Michael Fassbender. You inexplicably turn me all caps, big guy. Can't wait to see you in your disastrous Wuthering Heights next year.

- Star Fleet wallets. I am the bird! (God, did I ever leave the house as an adolescent? Don't answer that.)

- Family and friends. Dear Mom, I love you so much. Sorry I'm not changing my name. Apologize to Grandma for me.

- Fassbender, my portable computer. It allows me to be rude in public whenever I want.

- My TV. It took away the dialogue track for this week's Eleventh Hour. It was amazing. Graeme Revell, one of my favorite composers, gave me a little concert, and I got to see the worst arch-enemy arc in recent memory. See for yourself at!

ETA: And I never have to watch another episode of Dollhouse now that I turned in my opinion piece to Fantasy, which makes this day practically Thanksgiving!
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So, the Golden Globes happened, and people declared undying love for their costars and their pets, but let's face it, it's all about the red carpet.

I seriously hated 90% of the dresses this time, so I am not even doing a worst-of (well, with one exception, but she's hateful and deserves it), so this is a random collection of looks I really liked.

Best Color: Rumer Willis, which shows how bad this red carpet was; I mean, Rumer Willis is not really a bastion of good taste under normal circumstances, but you gotta give the girl credit for being the only one on the red carpet in this color, which could not be said of electric blue or runny-egg yellow, which were just EVERYWHERE, which - people, you pay your stylists to make you look GOOD. Don't let them just mess with you!


Clearly this ranty dress collection is not for the bandwidth-thrifty. )
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Well, this is awfully useful.

(And by useful I mean, I think I want a yellow coat, even though I always look like I died of consumption where I wear it.)

ETA: I wish she had links to all the outside sources! Clearly this is for general inspiration and not hard-core research.
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I must say that I am disappointed in the selection available online. The velvet shirts? Only available through the catalog, apparently. The frightening array of leather pants? Here reduced to only two. It's a shame, really, but I've made do.

Behold, the International Male!

Because nothing says style like a plastic jacket and a half-finished perm.

It only gets better. Or worse. )
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I totally forgot if I even mentioned this before, but a while back I had a thrifting day where I scored more than quasi-steampunk boots. Namely, I scored the Crazy Coat. It is long and green, with gold embroidery bits and sleeves that are somehow half pink (I don't even know). I could not love it more.

Just now, I found a card in the pocket. It's two layers of hand-pressed paper folded in half like a dance card, and is an invitation for the coat's previous owner, Ms. [Redacted], to attend a private viewing of Raphael's La Fornarina, which was on display there in 2004.

It's always nice to have such a sharp look into a garment's past, even though it only highlighted how I am a huge event planning nerd nerd, in that it has her dinner table noted on it, which meant that it was a dinner event; my first thought was not, "Oh, what a poignant glimpse into the history of this garment!" but instead, "I wonder how many 10-tops you can even FIT in the Frick."
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This weekend I attended the third (?) annual SalonCon in Somerset, New Jersey. I went for a chance to hang out with [ profile] squirrel_monkey and to catch a glimpse of amazing costumes. And to wear the dress that ate the last week of my life.

I achieved all three of those things, so in that sense the con was an unmitigated success. However, there was a lot going on, and not all of it was great, so SalonCon gets a List.

Enjoy a list, and some pictures of outfits! )


Sep. 13th, 2008 12:50 am
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Dress is done.

I am more pleased with it than I expected to be, though knowing that the owner of Costumer's Guide will be there makes me want to put a sign that says "I Know It's Not Historically Accurate, I'm Sorry" on my back. I mean, it's so inaccurate I don't have proper sleeves. My chemise is just some tulle.

The dress weighs close to ten pounds, according to my scale.

A snapshot from when the dress was almost finished; if you can ignore the vertigo, you get a nice look at the overall effect of the back, and of the suitcase that's been sitting in my hallway for eight hundred years.


Sep. 5th, 2008 09:36 pm
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Here's my number-one problem with sewing: I don't have the patience.

I want it all to be perfect (the mark of goos quality is the ability to turn the garment inside out and have it be wearable quality - the lining and the seams are as beautiful inside as outside). I absolutely lack the patience to sit at the machine for fifty, sixty, seventy hours and be that painstaking. I don't have that patience for tango, either. I've only ever had it for writing.

This affects the world not at all. It does, however, mean that a bridesmaid's dress's life hangs in the balance.

It doesn't help that I picked up the world's most beautiful coat at the thrift store today and spent the train ride home sneaking peeks at the the lining to admire how smoothly they set it into the collar. My consolation is that only [ profile] squirrel_monkey will see the inside of this dress (as she's sausaging me into it). If I can live with a mess of a lining, I might be able to finish this thing and dare to leave the house with it.

A representative picture of my experience below the cut. )
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So, when we left off, it was three days to prom, and I had the following in my arsenal:

1) A mock-up that looked like a circus tent;
2) Several yards of lovely black crepe-back satin procured at great cost; and
3) 72 hours till prom.

Pride wouldn't let me buy a dress; at this point, I had to make it myself.

What the hell did I think I was doing? )


Aug. 25th, 2008 04:11 pm
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The Sartorialist, which for me embodies everything that is faux-congratulatory/progressive/individualistic in the fashion industry, and has made a paid celebrity out of a guy who basically chases people down on the street, is long overdue for a nice skewering.

And The Catorialist does it nicely.

(Fun fact: a previous boss landed on The Sartorialist and I heard about it for a week, even though I no longer worked there.)

The attic.

Aug. 23rd, 2008 05:30 pm
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The prom dress is long gone. My junior year Homecoming dress is still here, though. So is my 1910 kimono and obi. I will be spending tomorrow morning ransacking the place looking for my bridesmaid skirt, which is gorgeous.

I had a lot of amazing fabric here that I bought and just couldn't handle. I forgot how much my desire outstrips my sewing ability. *clings to vintage chenille brocade*
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The prom saga continues!

My senior year in high school hadn't been the horror show that middle school had been. When a group of friends mentioned going to the prom in a large, self-protecting clump, like a tiny flock of nerdy ducks in a sea of over-tanned State Championship cheerleaders, I could understand why they wanted to go. I didn't want to go, but I understood why they wanted to.

"You should come!" they said.

"I'm all counterculture and stuff," I said. "I have to go watch a bunch of silent films now while I sew up the holes in the elbows of my vintage black coat that I wear every day on top of guy's jeans."

I was really into exposition back then. Oh, and also, being a total pretentious nerdwad.

But they did not give up on me. "We've got a limo!" they said. I didn't listen. "We're going to dinner as a group!" they said. I paid no mind. "We're going dress shopping!" they said. I stuck to my guns.

Then one of them, particularly devious, said, "You could make your dress, you know."

Well, obviously I was going to prom, then.

The pattern I chose?

Anyone who can't see this disaster coming has never seen a dress before. )
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Earlier this week, Mary Robinette Kowal invited me to her apartment so I could poke her Campbell dress for a while. And I took pictures!

The best of these pictures got hacked up in Photoshop, since the dress (a soft pure gold in person) showed up as alternately chartreuse and acid yellow. My monitor, sadly vague when it comes to yellows, was of little use. I desaturated the detail shots and crossed my fingers for the rest. (It's not much. My oohing and aahing skills far outweigh my photo editing skills.)

An abbreviated photo essay is below; for more pictures, check out the Flickr set.

Who wants to see a dress yanked inside out? )
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I found this in the Great Prom Search and couldn't even believe how awesome the world is.

Two nice people and someone's granddad at a Renaissance wedding:


I'm just saying.
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Okay, so, the next part of Project Prom is research. And by "research" I mean "look on Flickr". Apparently no one on Flickr posted pictures of my prom dress (bunch of lazy jerks!), so I'll have to just link to pictures of their prom dresses instead.

Ye Olde Promme! N'awww.

Sure, you'll hate yourself for clicking, but come on. You have to see this. )


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