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It's gonna be an awesome night.

Mostly it's awesome because I'm watching the Riverworld miniseries so I can report on it for tomorrow. least Peter Wingfield is still getting work? (Whatever, I can't wait. B-Movie Actor Bingo, PLUS, Vancouver looks lovely whatever time of year this was filmed!)

Another thing this weekend that looks great is my new website, courtesy of [ profile] mkhobson, who managed to fulfill all my nitpicky requests in record time! She even helped drag me over the tech threshold to whatever Wordpress is using now, so my dashboard isn't constantly complaining that I never give it nice things. (I guess I still didn't. Whatever, Wordpress, you're not my real dad!)

Now, off to make cereal for dinner and settle in to watch Alan Cumming play a blue bondage monk. Thumbs up, everyone!
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This year at WisCon I participated on the Netbook Show and Tell panel as the plug-and-play representative. For those who know their programming, it was an informative panel. For those who are a little more, uh, Luddite, it was a hilarious panel; I'm pretty sure that at some point in the melee, someone recalibrated their warp drive for endothermic propulsion.

People were very generous about showing off their netbooks and going through the pros and cons. I've done a layperson's roundup over at

Hopefully this is just the beginning of my WisCon recapping, but I went back to the day job this morning after letting work build up in my absence, and oh, that's always fun! (More later, is what I'm saying. Because this place is wild today.)
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I kept it light this year, to maximize my coffee-consuming schedule. You can probably harass me behind the Prime table for a little while on Sunday, and then I have this panel in the evening:

Netbook Show and Tell

Asus EEE, Acer Aspire One, HP Mininote ... do those names sound familiar? What are those wee laptops around the size of a hardback book? Bring your netbook and show it off! Discuss the pros and cons. Q&A for those looking to purchase their very own netbook.
Location: Conference 5
Schedule: Sun 10:00 - 11:15PM
Panelists: M: K. Tempest Bradford, Shaun Kelly, Rowan, Genevieve Valentine

Fun fact: My Acer Aspire battery is dead. As of Friday morning, I have two batteries (one from Acer HQ and one I bought from a third party) on their way to me. It's a race to see if anything comes in time, or if I have a cute little paperweight to wave around at the panel!
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Not a great weekend for yours truly.

My ankle turned last night when I was out dancing and I got to hobble home looking like John Malkovich in MARREHREILLEH.

Then, this morning, I saw that even after being plugged in all night, my little Acer, Fassbender, still had the No Battery Power light blinking. This is, of course, because the battery is dead.

So, I will be shopping for a new battery today! Thrilling.

P.S. I'm on a netbook panel at WisCon, and I was like, "Ugh, what will I even say about this computer that makes it different?" Answer: totally unreliable battery! Smooth move, Acer.


Apr. 11th, 2009 12:19 pm
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So, who's moving to Dreamwidth when that all happens?

(Also, is this a serious exodus? I have JournalFen and Insanejournal and whatever other accounts from when those were popoular, and clearly I never use them, but I'll go if everyone else goes. Oh, LiveJournal, are you just not the girl we fell in love with?)
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Over at, I talk about one of the great movies of our time: Hackers.

By all means, head over there to read the column, in which I tried to keep it together. Because below this cut, I just nerd out ridiculously.

Hackers: when cargo pants were king.

There is no good and bad. There is only fun and boring. )
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I have a box next to my computer desk. It has four ZIP disks in it.

I'm pretty sure the stuff that's on there is hilarious, since it's from college. That's right; back up in that dorm, everyone envied me my detachable ZIP drive. It worked on UBS, thank you very much. It was PLUG-AND-PLAY. I rocked the Bachelor of Arts WORLD.

The problem is, I have since lost that ZIP drive, which means I have four coasters next to my desk. (One black, two pastel blue, and one red. So mod!)

It's a shame I lost that drive. I would love to look through these disks sometime. I am pretty sure all three of my first "literary" short stories are on here. All of them were about funerals. It was like a rule in my writing workshop: it was cancer or funerals, take your pick. If you could get a cancer funeral going, you were locked in to that A!
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Disclaimer: I don't care about Valentine's Day except that it gives me a chance to make a list post. I am the Switzerland of Valentine's day. (Unless people ask me if I'm excited for my "name day," and then I sigh, because seriously, that joke was old in fourth grade, it's old now.)

- Michael Fassbender. You inexplicably turn me all caps, big guy. Can't wait to see you in your disastrous Wuthering Heights next year.

- Star Fleet wallets. I am the bird! (God, did I ever leave the house as an adolescent? Don't answer that.)

- Family and friends. Dear Mom, I love you so much. Sorry I'm not changing my name. Apologize to Grandma for me.

- Fassbender, my portable computer. It allows me to be rude in public whenever I want.

- My TV. It took away the dialogue track for this week's Eleventh Hour. It was amazing. Graeme Revell, one of my favorite composers, gave me a little concert, and I got to see the worst arch-enemy arc in recent memory. See for yourself at!

ETA: And I never have to watch another episode of Dollhouse now that I turned in my opinion piece to Fantasy, which makes this day practically Thanksgiving!


Dec. 18th, 2008 03:41 pm
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I blogged at about the Antikythera mechanism, recently replicated by a museum curator and part-time awesome-ist. It reminds me a lot of my first laptop, only this two thousand year old computer works faster than my first laptop, which was only good for predicting orbit as far as I could throw it.

I am leaving on vacation this weekend, and will be at home all week, working on the book edits and the 2k-a-day writing schedule I have to be on for the rest of the year to meet my goals. I was planning to bring the large laptop, but my dad called me last night to make sure I was bringing Fassbender, my Acer Aspire One, home for the holidays. He was as excited about the computer as he was about my visit. (Possibly more excited about the computer than my visit. I mean, I've already visited him before; the computer is new!)

I'm debating - I love it for short bursts, but am I going to get Carpal Tunnel banging out 2k a day on its teeny keyboard? On the other other hand, when friends at home ask, "What are you doing these days?" I can just hold it up, since I spend most of my waking hours in front of a computer for something or other, and it's cute enough to distract them from my boring night life!
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This morning I commuted next to someone who was doing monstrous and wonderful things with her iPhone, including what looked like advanced cryptography. I thought about Fassbender, who is faster and smarter than my home laptop, and how the iPhone probably leaves them both in the dust.

I bought my first laptop in college, from the boyfriend of a friend. It had an 8GB hard drive, and maybe 128MB of RAM. I MARVELED. How could I ever learn to handle such a fine-quality, state-of-the-art machine? "Quickly, upload WinAmp from my external Iomega Zip drive and load up Jeff Buckley! I have poetry to write."

(Look, I know so little about computers that I was probably getting suckered in on this thing even back in the day. However, in my defense, I was raised Luddite by accident. My family only got Windows after my junior year in high school, and I had no internet at home, ever. I bought an "ethernet cable" my first day at college only because the school made you sign on with a student account for some registration hoopla. I never left my room again. Part of me will be in that room forever, falling out over the internet. "YOU CAN LOOK UP WHATEVER YOU WANT? YOU ARE JOKING.")

It's sort of nuts to think that the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Home Computer came out in my lifetime. (It had a color display! Suck it, Commodore!) It is about the size of my Acer, as you can see from this ad, which pimps this baby's "massive 48k of RAM." You get down with your bad self, Spectrum.

I sometimes think about that first laptop; while it clearly sucked eggs, it outlasted the friendship, which should be the meaningful ending to a bittersweet story, but really I'm just glad I was able to melt that thing's hard drive before anyone could find my shitty poems.*

* No, seriously, you guys.**

** No, seriously.
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I have a new boyfriend!

I skulked around for a month looking at him, trying to cop a feel when I could, judging if I had room in my life. And I added up all the sad minutes I spent alone this week, just waiting, and knew I had to have him.

Technology continues to tromp ahead without me, by the way - this little guy has twice the hard drive space and memory of my main computer, which was so top of the line when I bought it that I had to uninstall all the NASA applications that came with it.

Now, this thing is lightweight (good to carry around all the time), has a surprisingly comfortable keyboard (which is nice, because I would never have the wherewithal to unfold a keyboard in public without knocking six things over), and has a bright, sharp screen. I know that last thing because I totally stalked some poor woman at the Whole Foods who was watching a movie on it. (Yuppiest sentence I've ever written, holy crap.)

ANYWAY, after ten minutes of staring at her down the counter like Mr. Goodbar, I went over and smoothly engaged her in conversation.

Her: Please go away.
Her: I have the cops on speed dial.

With that ringing endorsement, it was time to buy!

Once I bought him, I went home and had a nice bout of buyer's remorse. I spent the evening watching him charge up and trying to convince myself I hadn't just bankruped myself for all eternity. I exerted myself - "I LIKE MY COMPUTER" - until I believed it.

And I really do like it, bless its 2-pound heart. I don't usually name my computers (my other computer is "my computer", or occasionally "you bastard"), but I sort of had to after all this all-caps emoting.

His name is Fassbender Syndrome. (Jr.)
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I finally found an LJ layout I crave, and I'm working on a short story that had the most hilarious research process in the world (it involved home movies of Baptist church recitals, and there's nothing else I need to tell you about THAT). I was so excited about going home and making both of those things happen until I realized that it's Wednesday and I have to go work at the tango studio tonight.

I'm going to try to squeak out a few hundred words of the story at work while looking extremely helpful and busy.

For the LJ layout, I'm waiting until Thursday. In related news, expect every line of code in the world to break once I start messing with it. (You could look for someone who knows less about coding than I do, but man, that would be one long search, you know?)

* Not actually a stupid day - I actually love the tango salon - but man, LJ layout! Excitement!


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