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My digital camera is the same one I bought my senior year of high school. I hardly ever use it, because there's rarely anything I want to photograph so it never occurred to me that it might not be of sufficient quality to record moments like The Apartment Ceiling Leak of 2008.

However, having looked at my photos of France on my computer, I have to say, something's up. Either France was suffering a constant low-level earthquake the entire time we were there, or my camera's a little behind the times.

This means that my nice photo post about France is reduced to a few workmanlike shots in which things are vaguely in focus. The rest of my pictures are just Blurs of the French Countryside, like so:

THRILL to the merest outline of some windowsills in Rouen!

GAZE at the vague interior of Saint-Catherine's Church, Honfleur!

ENJOY what might be a fresco from the monastery at the top of Mont-Saint-Michel!

So, I'm putting together what I hope is a decent picspam. In the meantime, I'll be buying a better camera and/or cutting down on the caffeine.
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I have a huge bruise from the base of my neck down to my right shoulder blade, because while I was in France I jammed myself into the doors of a Paris subway car to hold it open for the last person in my family to jump on. Those things are like the garbage crusher from A New Hope, holy crap.

I could be pissed that I have a huge painful bruise, but frankly, I'm just excited that I sustained an injury from something that can be considered vaguely useful. Usually I get bruises from things like accidentally closing my thumb in door hinges. (I'm not proud of it, okay? But it's a lie to pretend it doesn't happen.)

In other news, my favorite Unrelated Caption so far:

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So, someday I will have to start a series of posts about movie composers I love - or rather, film scores, because there are scores I love more than The Lord of the Rings, but after listening to Howard Shore talk about writing this, he's probably my favorite composer, personality-wise. I just want to buy him a beer, you know? He seems really chill.

I wrote it up for, and included a little shout-out to linguist David Salo, who was seriously the shit. (Dude, if you have Google Alerts turned on, I would totally read that proof, for serious.)

Decided to cut for spoilers, even though people have had like sixty years to catch up on what happened. )
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For someone who was only ever a casual fan of the Lord of the Rings books, I am a nerd and a half for the movies. I have been to every midnight show. (I brought MY MOM to every midnight show. Step back!) Those evenings were some of the coldest ever (movie theatres really don't want to let Lord of the Rings people in, for some reason), but I remember each one being a blast, for several reasons.

It's a time machine into my past! The movies were different, my love of midnight shows was the same. )

The midnight shows and the Symphony cemented in my mind that if you are really a fan of something, and you are among other fans of that thing, you will be able to enjoy the work while respecting the right of those around you to enjoy the work as well.

As you can tell, I was very young. Also, an idiot.

This weekend I went to The Fellowship of the Ring in Concert at Radio City. I wrote it up for, lamenting the loss of the music to the volume of 1) the movie and 2) the audience. The music I'll discuss more in-depth later this week (it's a post of its own), but I was pearl-clutchingly dispapointed at the audience reactions at Friday's performance.

They applauded favorite moments or actors, and would often drown out beautiful music cues doing so. If you're applauding big musical moments, that's cool, but overall it seemed like the audience would have been just as happy with an IMAX screening. I totally get it (IMAX screenings are awesome), but in that case they should have gone to see an IMAX screening, you know? People were working hard onstage to deliver a concert, and the audience kept drowning it out because they felt like applauding when Arwen drowns the Wraiths. (They drowned out Arwen's soloist for like, ten seconds! RUDE.)

This ends my moment of being everyone's demanding 85-year-old gran. Tomorrow: music nerdery!
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Okay, apparently a lot of people really get creeped out by this lady:

She's in the new Palm Pre commercials. Most of you know her because when she comes on the TV you recoil.

For once, I was NOT creeped out by something airing on TV! In fact, the first time I saw her I found her face to be oddly soothing. It took me about ten seconds to figure out why.

Also, this one time I was an art history nerd. )
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Some days you look over a story and realize your dialogue goes exactly like this. Then, for obvious reasons, you start the scene again from scratch.

(Despite being an excellent illustration of my problem, this really is one of my favorite MST3K moments of all time.)

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Star Trek shirts at Hot Topic.

Oh, suddenly it's cool to like Star Trek?

You know what? You kids get off my lawn or I'll choke you with some two-year-old butterscotch candies, okay? I liked Star Trek before you were born, damn.*

* People who were born after I started watching Star Trek can now buy cigarettes. Fact.
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So, I saw the new Star Trek movie. I wasn't going to (J.J. Abrams is not what I would call a draw), but people loved it! People insisted! People told me it would be amazing!

All those people were high!

Talk about amok time, damn. )
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I was asked to write up a thoughtful, incisive con report on WisCon 33 for Fantasy Magazine.

This is what they got instead.

Still sad that I couldn't use my original response for the "Dealing With Your Male Answer Syndrome" panel, which was, "Well, I have a solution for that," but it always looked very "Men should shut up" when it was supposed to look like Male Answer Syndrome in the wild, so in the end I cut it for clarity.

Also, though it may seem like strange news, I wrote up the bacontini, because PEOPLE ACTUALLY DRANK IT. I could not believe my eyes. Why would you drink something with cheese on the outside? Why? (Lookin' at you, [ profile] mkhobson!) Answer: WisCon madness.
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I am a huge costume nerd. This surprises exactly no one. However, sometimes I go a little over the top and have to rein it back in before people picket my house with signs like SHUT UP ABOUT BUSKS. Traditionally, [ profile] darinbradley is responsible for picking topics that provide appropriate counterpoint to these costume ramblings. His response to the latest overdose appeared in my inbox promptly:

The spud gun.

It shoots potatoes. There's some engineering mumblemumble about combustion vs. pneumatic, but all of that pales when you look at this glorious machine. That clean PVC construction, that random crank on the side that I can only assume adjusts power from Baby New all the way up to Yukon Gold.

This gun makes everything in the world even better. No matter how cool you think something is, it's cooler with a spud gun.


In my love affair with the spud gun (and the little hands attached to it that I didn't bother erasing,) I applied it to some boring scenes in costume-heavy movies. The transformation is amazing.

Life is fun again! )
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A few days ago I found the Post-It with my haiku draft from WisCon's Haiku Earring Party on it.

My handwriting is abysmal. My short-term memory is even worse.

So, as things stand, it looks like I went to a haiku party, turned in a sample of cursive Sumerian, and skipped out with a pair of earrings. However, finding out the titles of the earrings is the best part, so for the roundup post I made a serious effort to translate my own handwriting. It was sad.

The Owl Tells a Fortune

"We all die," she says.
Then the empty moon, and the
Beating of wide wings.
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Vin's imaginary grandchildren are already bruised.

I arrived fashionably late to Miéville's reading tonight, as he delivered some prose to a palpably thrumming audience. It was like the Beatles! (I am assuming!)
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So, last night some people talked about Kirk v. Every Other Captain Ever, for values of "every" that included "Picard and Adama, and also Janeway one time." I wrote it up for

I do think that the lack of discussion on some of the other captains was largely a time issue; if we'd had another hour, hopefully we'd have hit Sisko, Janeway, Archer, and Babylon 5. (And Farscape. And Galaxy Quest. And Farscape.*) However, it was really sad to see Sisko get handwaved away, half-jokingly, as "not even Trek." I didn't watch the show religiously or anything, and Picard's my favorite captain, but damn, give a dude time to make a case for himself!

(You can ignore Archer if you want to. His theme song had lyrics. There's no good can come from that.)

Anyway, by all means hop over to Tor and weigh in on your favorite overlooked starship captains, because even if you had a character named Tuvix, you deserve a day in the sun.**

* Seriously, the dynamics of a crew when there's no clear captain and the ship pilots itself and is sentient enough to refuse some assignments as too dangerous? I'm in for that chat!

** I still think the Tuvix episode was awesome on paper. It just...Kate Mulgrew is not cut out for Captain's Logs, and that guest star was cut out to chew scenery, and it just fell down on the job. Which, in fairness, can be said of the whole series. Amazing premise!...that fell down on the job.
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There's a bird outside my window whose spring call is, "Wheeeee!"

It's hilarious and adorable, and I wanted to play Amateur Ornithologist and find this bird out, so I hit the New York City Birding Wiki ID Template, which has this helpful image guide on its front page:

Fuck you, Not an American Robin! You're such a poser.

(I imagine an actual American Robin sitting at some Internet Cafe, furiously banging out the image code.)

ETA: [ profile] squirrel_monkey and [ profile] tscheese smacked that taxonomy right in the face. It's most likely a European Starling.


May. 7th, 2009 07:58 pm
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Just a guess, but I might be the only person on my friendslist not hitting Star Trek at midnight. I just had work and am tired! Please don't take my geek card!

I love how AMC is showing Nemesis for the people stuck at home. Oh, AMC, hardly the same thing. Also, whoever designed the white wedding uniforms, we need to talk.
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I walk through midtown twice a day, passing the Fendi store. The spring shop windows are out.

On the right hand side, a tea dress from 1915, from the Seduction exhibit at FIT.

From the Fendi Spring 2009 collection. I am on to you, fashion house! (And I approve!)

By the way, as is traditional after costume overposting, [ profile] darinbradley gets to pick some super-macho topic next. Already covered: monster trucks.
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You guys, this trailer made me cry laughing. It's the "Coco" trailer translated by a high school kid with one and a half semesters of French. I can't even.

Via Jezebel.
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So, Marvel is releasing a four-woman superhero miniseries...about their love lives. It's called "Marvel Divas." I have some opinions on that over at

I got into X-Men when I was about 11, specifically for Rogue, who I thought had a great arc - announced as a villain, asks to join the X-Men as a rehab stunt, ends up being a vital part of the team. I'm in!

She and Wolverine got along because she offered to help save his fiancée, and they were both sort of prickly loners, and it was cool. Still in!

I loved when she lost her powers in the fight with what I remember as the Zombie Miss Marvel, and Magneto picked which one of them to save basically because it was more political to save the current team member. Then they had some tension in the Savage Land and it was awesome, because when she went back to the X-Men and they faced off against Magneto next, she had a moment of trying to talk him out of it and he wavered because he respected her/had a crush on her or whatever. I'm in!

Then Gambit showed up.

And after that...well. )

ETA: Okay, I was looking for an example of the mid-90s overboobed Rogue and found this instead, and now I seriously don't even have a comment. Wow.
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Here, have a small links list!

* I am on Dreamwidth. (Same name.) I have no plans to move, but maybe to mirror, but who knows since my name on that header's so freaking big I might as well just leave it empty and call it performance art.

* Eventually I have to stop pretending I'm fumbling around and just admit I Twitter. I'm sure my mom is proud of me.

* And she should be proud, because the Sybil's Garage TOC that includes me has a lineup of awesome names, the most awesome of which is Enkidu, history's most unintentionally hilarious name.


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