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* credit to [ profile] _stranger_here for this title, which cannot be beat.

I'm in Coilhouse magazine today, as some poor soul discovers Il Fantasma dell'Opera and goes on a desperate search for meaning. Sadly, they find only my video clips. I mean, it spares you the other 90 minutes of movie, I guess, but unless your idea of meaning is watching rat sex set to Donna Summer, you're out of luck.
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Okay, not really. But I haven't been into a video store in more than two years, so it was sort of bound to be amazing.

First amazing thing: They had an entire wall of Rambo videos, all of which were checked out. Really?

Second amazing thing: cover ripoffs.

Picture-heavy, so I'll chop. )

Also, that video cover lists cast members Malcolm McDowell and FAYE DUNAWAY. I am a little sad for them. I mean, elementary-school plays would be better talent outlets than this movie. (A Day in the Woods, FEATURING: Malcolm McDowell as Mr. Tree!)

Third amazing thing: The best line of cover copy ever. Ever.

From futuristic sci-fi gay romance Socket, which apparently takes place in a world without commas:

An erotic sci-fi fantasy like no other a pair of gay lovers literally get a jolt as they plug in for pleasure in Sean Abley's Socket. After being struck by lighting Dr. Bill Matthews receives extra special care from a mysterious sexy hospital intern Craig (Matthew Montgomery Gone But Not Forgotten). Having survived the same natural accident Craig introduces his new recruit to an underground group that uses electricity to reach ecstasy. Soon the two develop an insatiable appetite for wall sockets and each other but it's not enough for Bill. Using his gifted talents as a surgeon this doctor will stop at nothing to find the ultimate charge!


I bought four movies for five bucks each, including two that are probably going to be snarked to death on this blog. It's always a good sign when they're in a huge bin you have to root through. Anything that comes from that bin is going to be pure gold.

This random time-waster was the most fun thing I've done since WisCon, no joke. I'm going back to Blockbuster every week, you guys.

At last.

Jun. 20th, 2008 10:36 am
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Scientific evidence that I have a purpose on this earth.

Sarcasm Seen as Evolutionary Survival Skill
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Strange Horizons is having a fund drive, and you should check out what they have and then support them, or support them anyway, because if they can publish crazy fools like me, then they're clearly not afraid to take chances, and that rocks. (For me, anyway.)

For anyone who's looking for some pictures of dresses, a guide to extant period clothing from 1750 through 1920. If you are going to slap your heroine into a dress, just swing by here for a silhouette check. Every time you check your silhouette, an angel gets its chemise.

Sulu is married. The wedding will be celebrated with a topless fencing exhibition and a bit part on Psych.
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I now have a fully-functional Magical Computing Machine, thanks to [ profile] ecmyers, who is a very patient and thorough gent who will not at all make fun of you when he fixes your problem, even though you might have suggested it was on the level of warp-coil malfunction, and it was more along the lines of, "Or you could unplug this thing."

He will also not yell at you when you start to do something horrible and wrong. Instead, he will say, "Oh, you could do that another way!" in a tone so polite that it's almost like he's not actually calling you an idiot, even though you are being one.

This also means that my random signoffs from all forms of communication will now be at a minimum, since my network is actually, you know, WORKING. Yay! I didn't want to get anything done, anyway!
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I am here, and so is my luggage.

ETA: Though I would like to thank the thrift stores of Madison for coughing up two perfectly decent shirts on short notice. When you have to spend the first 90 minutes after your plane lands looking for something to wear, it's nice to come out of it without shoulder pads or gold sequins.
glvalentine: (omg no) staring into a scan of your own eyeball. Only because I love my sight so much, I was able stare into a disgusting red and green map of the inside of my poor, stretched ocular orb.

The good news - nothing much wrong!

The bad news - except that part where the inside of your eyeballs might rip off. But there's not a huge chance, just, you know, a chance!


Other good news - new frames! Now I have peripheral vision! (My old glasses were apparently teeny!)
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Nothing makes you feel like your day will be worthwhile like turning on the TV to a show called "America's Most Smartest Model", where they tell the models that runway shows can be difficult...and then make them run an obstacle course on the way to the stage. The obstacle course includes spinning in a circle five times around a baseball bat.

I could do almost anything today and feel like a class act, you know?


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