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So, when we left off, it was three days to prom, and I had the following in my arsenal:

1) A mock-up that looked like a circus tent;
2) Several yards of lovely black crepe-back satin procured at great cost; and
3) 72 hours till prom.

Pride wouldn't let me buy a dress; at this point, I had to make it myself.

What the hell did I think I was doing? )

The attic.

Aug. 23rd, 2008 05:30 pm
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The prom dress is long gone. My junior year Homecoming dress is still here, though. So is my 1910 kimono and obi. I will be spending tomorrow morning ransacking the place looking for my bridesmaid skirt, which is gorgeous.

I had a lot of amazing fabric here that I bought and just couldn't handle. I forgot how much my desire outstrips my sewing ability. *clings to vintage chenille brocade*
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The prom saga continues!

My senior year in high school hadn't been the horror show that middle school had been. When a group of friends mentioned going to the prom in a large, self-protecting clump, like a tiny flock of nerdy ducks in a sea of over-tanned State Championship cheerleaders, I could understand why they wanted to go. I didn't want to go, but I understood why they wanted to.

"You should come!" they said.

"I'm all counterculture and stuff," I said. "I have to go watch a bunch of silent films now while I sew up the holes in the elbows of my vintage black coat that I wear every day on top of guy's jeans."

I was really into exposition back then. Oh, and also, being a total pretentious nerdwad.

But they did not give up on me. "We've got a limo!" they said. I didn't listen. "We're going to dinner as a group!" they said. I paid no mind. "We're going dress shopping!" they said. I stuck to my guns.

Then one of them, particularly devious, said, "You could make your dress, you know."

Well, obviously I was going to prom, then.

The pattern I chose?

Anyone who can't see this disaster coming has never seen a dress before. )
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I found this in the Great Prom Search and couldn't even believe how awesome the world is.

Two nice people and someone's granddad at a Renaissance wedding:


I'm just saying.
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Okay, so, the next part of Project Prom is research. And by "research" I mean "look on Flickr". Apparently no one on Flickr posted pictures of my prom dress (bunch of lazy jerks!), so I'll have to just link to pictures of their prom dresses instead.

Ye Olde Promme! N'awww.

Sure, you'll hate yourself for clicking, but come on. You have to see this. )
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Inspired by the really horrible dress Wendy Watson wears in the Middleman's Titanic episode, I decided I wanted to write about my prom here. (I went to prom, can you believe it? You can't, can you. I understand.)

"Just a quick post," I thought, clearly high off my neighbor's paint fumes. "A couple of pictures, some anecdotes, and we'll be all set! It'll be fun."

Then I realized I had no prom pictures within a 300-mile radius. No problem! Hit up a friend!

The friend had no pictures. Then the friend mentioned two or three things about our prom, none of which I remembered.

So what was a short post is going to turn into a journey, as I try to piece together what the hell happened at my high school prom and how someone who doesn't drink could have blacked out on so much stuff.

(No joke, I'm not even sure we had a limo; all I remember is that I didn't drive, because I remember looking out a passenger window of some kind after 40 minutes of driving and thinking, "This person is going to pull over into the woods and murder us all." For this reason, I'm really hoping that it was a limo driver and not, say, one of my friends' parents.)

So! The journey of a prom, about ten years later. There will be intermittent posts about this until I can actually get my hands on photographs and remember what the hell went on.

First of all, I made my dress, which meant I missed out on buying prom magazines, which are more interesting than I could ever have imagined, judging by the ladypose in this ad:

Now, the ad is for a dress, but, uh, you could have fooled me.

P.S. Though I suspect I'll have a post where I do nothing but ask this, I'm asking it now and will do so every time I post about prom: what about YOU? Did you go? Did you spill pig's blood on Carrie? Did you, like one of the kids in my class, go to Paris instead? (Damn you, smart kid!)

ETA: If you did not attend an American prom, but some other sort of fancy dance evening for which people dress up and act like assholes, you should still answer this question!


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