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Obligatory: I will be at WisCon as of tomorrow! I will see what looks like 65% of you there.

Also obligatory: I will be part of the Lightspeed Launch Event!

Lightspeed Magazine Launch Event, Saturday, 10pm, Conference Room 2

Join us to celebrate the launch of Lightspeed Magazine (, a new online science fiction magazine published by Prime Books (publisher of Fantasy Magazine). Lightspeed editors John Joseph Adams and Andrea Kail, along with publisher Sean Wallace, will be on hand to discuss this exciting new venture, and will present readings by the authors.

Alice Sola Kim, Genevieve Valentine, Vylar Kaftan, Cat T. Rambo, John Joseph Adams

I will be reading my story "The Zeppelin Conductors' Society Annual Gentlemen's Ball," which is scheduled to be in the magazine this summer.

And when I get home, I have an awesome Bollywood epic to talk about! (I probably should have been talking about it since last year, but then it wasn't available on DVD and I didn't have Netflix yet, and so I forgot about it for a year before I thought to look it up again. When I am off the clock, my brain is pretty much a blank canvas with movies playing on top, and sometimes one slips through the cracks. Sorry, movie!)

I would be talking about it today, except that all my screencapping time last night went to laundry, and then a lot of staring at my clothes as I realized with dawning horror that I am completely unprepared for anything higher than 65 degrees. I foresee a lot of staying indoors, and/or little scuttling bursts from shade to shade as I hold up the collar on my all-black casual businesswear and hiss at the monstrous sun like an angel extra in The Prophecy.*

* Which is a straight-up awesome movie. I'll go to the mat on this.
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This weekend was the Steampunk World's Fair, where I read for the first time from my upcoming novel (exciting), saw a lot of great costumes (very exciting!), and had the usual problems with some elements of the subculture (Me? Have problems with something? Surely not!).

Overall, though, it was great, and I'm still beyond thrilled to have been invited. There were some wonderful costumes, both subtle and flamboyant. There was also a baby with a mustache glued to its face; every time I saw it, it was wearing exactly the expression you would imagine from a baby that has been brought into a huge room full of people and had a mustache glued to its face.

Pictures are still coming in (I didn't take any of my own, because they would have been a series of nicely-accessorized blurs), but this shot is my favorite so far:

The subtle colorway, the texture, the pose, the face - it reminds me of a Sargent painting or something. Call me a nerd, I just really like it.

Bonus: while I was at the World's Fair, I received some good news: my story "So Deep That the Bottom Could Not Be Seen" will be appearing in the Way of the Wizards anthology! That was a nice cap to the weekend, for sure.

Now back to the grindstone, with a new goal in life: to get some Dr. Scholl's in my zombie-fighting boots pronto, because those things get PAINFUL. Wow. Flat boots are supposed to be more comfortable! Why do you have to make a liar out of me, boots?
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It's official: I'll be a performer at the Steampunk World's Fair this weekend in Piscataway!

Don't worry, I'm not actually doing anything that requires physical dexterity. I will, however, be reading from my novel Mechanique: A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti for the first time, about which I am pretty excited.

Bonus: I'm reading at 10pm, so my chances of being awake and alert are actually pretty good.

They have really pulled out all the stops, it looks like (Black Tape for a Blue Girl, you say? Where do I sign?), and should be a pretty awesome weekend. Hope to see some of you there!
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Some things make a post!

1. I read last night at NYRSF for the Federations event, alongside K. Tempest Bradford, Allan Steele, and guest host John Joseph Adams. The other readings were great, and I managed not to pass out, which was my only goal for the evening. (I dream big.) The crowd was amazing - thanks to everyone who stopped by; it was lovely to have friendly faces to look at when I got nervous.

2. I got nervous a lot. My stage fright is no joke. (Actually, that's not true. I called my mom ahead of time and made my usual, "I have the vapors, we'll have to call off the cotillion!" crack, so technically it was a joke, even if I spent most of the evening trying not to barf up my own heart.)

3. When I got home, I sat down to unwind with the pilot of Warehouse 13. By the time I was finished, I wanted to throw myself out the window. What a terrible pilot, holy crap. I wrote it up for, if anyone wants to know how SyFy's new flagship show is!

4. Hint: it is terrible.

5. Tomorrow I leave for Readercon! I am very excited. I am also packing my bags with some vegetarian granola-type bars that will provide nutrition for me, and pre-mourning my impending, unfamiliar distance from my yuppie soy lattes.
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I'll be at Readercon this weekend! My schedule, for the convenience of hecklers:

Friday 3:00 PM, VT: Group Reading

Interfictions 2 Group Reading (60 min.) Delia Sherman (host) with Amelia Beamer, K. Tempest Bradford, Matthew Cheney, F. Brett Cox, Michael DeLuca, Jeffrey Ford, Theodora Goss, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Shira Lipkin, Rachel Pollack, Catherynne M. Valente, Genevieve Valentine

Readings from _Interfictions 2: An Anthology of Interstitial Writing_, edited by host Sherman and Christopher Barzak and forthcoming in the fall from Small Beer Press under the auspices of the Interstitial Arts Foundation.

Saturday 12:00 Noon, VT: Group Reading

Federations Group Reading (60 min.) John Joseph Adams (host) with K. Tempest Bradford, Robert J. Sawyer, Allen Steele, Catherynne M. Valente, Genevieve Valentine

Readings from the original and reprint anthology (cover blurb: "Vast. Epic. Interstellar.") edited by Adams and published by Prime Books in January.
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Next Tuesday, NYRSF is extending its season for a reading from Federations! I'll be there, reading "Carthago Delenda Est." (Um, as opposed to reading the Gettysburg Address, I guess? I don't know.)

The New York Review of Science Fiction Readings
and the
South Street Seaport Museum present

Readings from Federations

K. Tempest Bradford (Ed: \o/ )
Allen Steele
Genevieve Valentine

Guest Curator
John Joseph Adams

Tuesday, July 7th -- Doors open 6:30 PM
$5 suggested donation
South Street Seaport Museum
12 Fulton Street

More details are available here.

Hope to see you there! I'm really excited to be reading, especially in the new location, which has a big fake-out window in back that I deeply enjoy for reasons I don't understand.
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Which makes me sound like Waldo, but worse things have happened. That guy knew what cool was long before Harry Potter showed up with his poser glasses.

May 16: I will be appearing on Hour of the Wolf with [ profile] johnjosephadams. I will be reading my story from his Federations anthology, and we will be talking shit about Star Trek. Luckily, since I think we're both pretty pro-Picard, it won't devolve into half-asleep protests of Kirk's awesomeness accompanied by the sound of exhausted shoulder-punches.

May 20mumble-25: I'll be at WisCon! I have one panel scheduled, on netbooks, which is hilarious considering the battery in my Acer just choked and died. That'll be a fun panel.

July 9-12: Readercon! I am already preparing nutritional supplements to take with me, since this hotel is sorely lacking in vegetarian foodstuffs, and I had to keep asking for cheeseburgers with no meat. (Dear waitstaff of the world: I know, and I'm sorry, but seriously, if there's no grilled cheese option then I am at a loss.) I will be bringing Powerbars or something now that I know the culinary situation. That won't look dorky at all! *facepalm*


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