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So, Season Three of the Tudors is starting. I know this because I saw this ad:

And. Um.

Bad costumes, and some Fassbender Syndrome. )
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Well, not heavy favorite The Other Boleyn Girl, which got a big two-assed snub from the Academy for costume design, that's for sure! I can only hope that my railing about it helped contribute to this movie's non-inclusion.

Suck it up, Portman. No chemise, no Oscar! Those are the RULES.
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1. Saw Howl's Moving Castle last night; Christian Bale's voiceover was so hilariously distracting that I don't have much else to say, except that it's not worth seeing a movie for free if it's dubbed, and also that the ending was so random that I almost threw a pillow at the TV.

2. Started a short story that is going to be the death of me. Stupid story.

3. I'm taking a break from reading tango blogs; they only raise my blood pressure. Hopefully this means a downswing in bitchface posts, but you never know. I can be pretty bitchface all by myself.

4. They're auctioning off some The Other Boleyn Girl" costumes; if you ever wanted ugly, historically-inaccurate clothes at vastly inflated prices, go nuts! (I have to say, doublets would be pretty awesome daywear if you're a hardcore nerdwad. So, basically, they would be pretty awesome daywear for me.)

Please pay special attention to this dress, which managed to hide from me until now. You know when this would have looked great? In 1790. I might have to start Waistwatch on this thing.

5. Last night I came home to contributor copies of a literary journal. That's a nice welcome.
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Okay, so, not content with making a vid showing how much Fantasma sucks, I found some pictures that reinforce how much The Other Boleyn Girl sucks.

It's an unforgivable crime. Anne Boleyn will hang for this wardrobe! )
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Did anyone see "The Other Boleyn Girl" this weekend? I was expecting a wave of hate that hasn't materialized! Am I going to have to go see this thing myself?!
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An addendum to yesterday's post about how bad "the Other Boleyn Girl" costumes are.


(Also, the one on the pattern cover is better-made. I mean, COME ON.)
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So, who's planning to see The Other Boleyn Girl? Nobody, right? And how did you know (besides the casting) that this movie was going to suck even before the reviews told you? It's because humans are genetically able to sense horrible costuming inaccuracies and shortcuts, and act accordingly. The same way we can tell that a dog is about to attack, we know this movie is terrible. Even Cate Blanchett (who shouldn't be throwing a lot of stones about historical inaccuracy) can't bring herself to look directly at this post.

First of all, we'll hit the number-one indication that a movie has taken historical accuracy out behind the house and shot it:

Where to even BEGIN? )


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