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So, I am not a huge crowd person (I suspect most writers aren't). Wiscon, while awesome, brings all the general stress associated with large groups of people, to whom one hopes to be charming/palatable.

Such a social exertion ends up taking its toll on me, often days later, as I try to unwind and slip back into the dynamic of seeing people one at a time rather than in groups of a thousand. This time, it happened in a small cafe, in the middle of a discussion about period-piece literary adapations and the glut thereof. They're making another version of Jane Eyre, it seems (Dear god, WHY?), and another Wuthering Heights. She and I both agreed that Wuthering Heights, while overplayed, has at least gone more than 2 years without a serious adaptation, and so wins on a technicality. Plus, the casting has automatically improved with the departure of Natalie Portman, who will hopefully be replaced with someone other than Keira Knightley.

Sadly, at some point in this conversation (I'm guessing right around the time Natalie Portman's name came up) my internal volume control, never very good, went haywire.

Friend: But who plays Heathcliff?
Me: Michael Fassbender.
Friend: I don't know him, I think?
Me: Oh, he's been in a Sherlock Holmes movie, and in 300, and in a Brtish TV series. He's a really good actor, I seem to think.
Friend: Should I check him out in anything?
Me: Oh yeah, [at DEFCON 4 level of volume] I LIKE MICHAEL FASSBENDER.
Friend: ...I can see that.

I wan't being particularly vehement, and I'm not nearly a big enough fan of Michael Fassbender to warrant the 80 decibels I used. I'm going to have to chalk it up to a moment of con-fever, and hope that I'll have shaken all this out in the next week or so.

...just in time to get ready for Readercon!

So, attendees of Readercon, beware my all-caps fondness for C-list British actors!
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While preparing this week's Questionable Taste Theatre, I keep laughing at the Wiscon memory of two unfortunate souls watching The Red Shoes with me, their faces slowly transforming from snark to sheer horror as the movie went from bad to worse.

Was it the suggestive dancing? The fact that "Little Karen" was about 25? Karen-predatory yet incredibly gay Hans Christian? The point where little Karen, having learned her lesson, suggests that puppet-Karen stays home and nurses her sick adoptive mother instead of going to the ball, and Hans SAYS NO and makes her go to the ball so the Devil can punish her? The masks? The dance in which the angel repeatedly impales Karen on his sword of justice, both literally and horribly, horribly figuratively? The part where a sobbing Karen questions why Karen had to get her feet chopped off for the offense of liking a pair of shoes, and Hans snaps, "Who is to say what the size of an offense is?" (Hint: Dudes.)

But don't take my word for it. Enjoy! For very specific, not-enjoyable values of "enjoy".
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Still haven't slept; totally worth it.

I am not a crowd person, but Wiscon was awesome. And now, an hour to pack my luggage so that when they lose it again everything is nicely folded.

Sadly, I have no con report, except this: I never stopped eating. The eating just NEVER STOPPED. I still can't decide if this is awesome or dangerous. Aweserous?
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I might, eventually, manage more then 3 hours of sleep a night.

Last night was not that night. Chances not good for today, either.

*mainlines coffee*
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I am here, and so is my luggage.

ETA: Though I would like to thank the thrift stores of Madison for coughing up two perfectly decent shirts on short notice. When you have to spend the first 90 minutes after your plane lands looking for something to wear, it's nice to come out of it without shoulder pads or gold sequins.

Wiscon (I)

May. 22nd, 2008 05:03 pm
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I made it! luggage did not.


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