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I was asked to write up a thoughtful, incisive con report on WisCon 33 for Fantasy Magazine.

This is what they got instead.

Still sad that I couldn't use my original response for the "Dealing With Your Male Answer Syndrome" panel, which was, "Well, I have a solution for that," but it always looked very "Men should shut up" when it was supposed to look like Male Answer Syndrome in the wild, so in the end I cut it for clarity.

Also, though it may seem like strange news, I wrote up the bacontini, because PEOPLE ACTUALLY DRANK IT. I could not believe my eyes. Why would you drink something with cheese on the outside? Why? (Lookin' at you, [ profile] mkhobson!) Answer: WisCon madness.
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A few days ago I found the Post-It with my haiku draft from WisCon's Haiku Earring Party on it.

My handwriting is abysmal. My short-term memory is even worse.

So, as things stand, it looks like I went to a haiku party, turned in a sample of cursive Sumerian, and skipped out with a pair of earrings. However, finding out the titles of the earrings is the best part, so for the roundup post I made a serious effort to translate my own handwriting. It was sad.

The Owl Tells a Fortune

"We all die," she says.
Then the empty moon, and the
Beating of wide wings.
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This year at WisCon I participated on the Netbook Show and Tell panel as the plug-and-play representative. For those who know their programming, it was an informative panel. For those who are a little more, uh, Luddite, it was a hilarious panel; I'm pretty sure that at some point in the melee, someone recalibrated their warp drive for endothermic propulsion.

People were very generous about showing off their netbooks and going through the pros and cons. I've done a layperson's roundup over at

Hopefully this is just the beginning of my WisCon recapping, but I went back to the day job this morning after letting work build up in my absence, and oh, that's always fun! (More later, is what I'm saying. Because this place is wild today.)
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The con so far is awesome. There is always a chance I will implode on my 10pm netbook panel, but if I can get through that I'm golden. Then it's nothing but mocktails all night long! (If I never see grenadine again, it will be too soon.)

* 30 Rock's best jokes are the ones you don't see coming.
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So I'm at Wiscon. I made it without losing my luggage (+1 over last year already!) and have begun to check things off my list. Today: pharmacy. What a whirlwind of excitement! Also, you know, hanging out with awesome people. Quiet day, yet lots of wavey-see-you-later still happening everywhere you look.

On the minus side: I bought a bag of trail mix, but I'll be damned if I can open the thing. I feel like I am failing a secret test every time I look at the industrial glue holding this thing together.
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I kept it light this year, to maximize my coffee-consuming schedule. You can probably harass me behind the Prime table for a little while on Sunday, and then I have this panel in the evening:

Netbook Show and Tell

Asus EEE, Acer Aspire One, HP Mininote ... do those names sound familiar? What are those wee laptops around the size of a hardback book? Bring your netbook and show it off! Discuss the pros and cons. Q&A for those looking to purchase their very own netbook.
Location: Conference 5
Schedule: Sun 10:00 - 11:15PM
Panelists: M: K. Tempest Bradford, Shaun Kelly, Rowan, Genevieve Valentine

Fun fact: My Acer Aspire battery is dead. As of Friday morning, I have two batteries (one from Acer HQ and one I bought from a third party) on their way to me. It's a race to see if anything comes in time, or if I have a cute little paperweight to wave around at the panel!
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Which makes me sound like Waldo, but worse things have happened. That guy knew what cool was long before Harry Potter showed up with his poser glasses.

May 16: I will be appearing on Hour of the Wolf with [ profile] johnjosephadams. I will be reading my story from his Federations anthology, and we will be talking shit about Star Trek. Luckily, since I think we're both pretty pro-Picard, it won't devolve into half-asleep protests of Kirk's awesomeness accompanied by the sound of exhausted shoulder-punches.

May 20mumble-25: I'll be at WisCon! I have one panel scheduled, on netbooks, which is hilarious considering the battery in my Acer just choked and died. That'll be a fun panel.

July 9-12: Readercon! I am already preparing nutritional supplements to take with me, since this hotel is sorely lacking in vegetarian foodstuffs, and I had to keep asking for cheeseburgers with no meat. (Dear waitstaff of the world: I know, and I'm sorry, but seriously, if there's no grilled cheese option then I am at a loss.) I will be bringing Powerbars or something now that I know the culinary situation. That won't look dorky at all! *facepalm*


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